Create Stunning Web Apps

Without Code, In Minutes

Who is Makyo For?

No Coders & Citizen Developers

If you’re not familiar with coding but have a vision, Makyo empowers you to become a citizen developer, turning your concepts into fully functional apps with just a few clicks.


For the innovative freelancer, Makyo is the tool to create bespoke solutions for clients. Design, build, and manage applications with ease, giving you the edge in a competitive market.


Makyo is the perfect partner for businesses looking to streamline their operations. Turn data into powerful web applications that drive your business forward without the need for extensive resources or technical teams.


Makyo is ideal for schools, universities, and non-profits, creating apps to streamline tasks, enhance communication, and offer vital info efficiently for any organization.


Even seasoned developers can benefit from Makyo’s advanced capabilities, speeding up development time and offering robust functions that integrate smoothly with existing projects.


Collaborative features in Makyo mean teams can work together seamlessly, whether you’re in the same room or spread across continents. Bring collective ideas to life with a shared platform for creation and innovation.

Our App Builder

Our intuitive platform brings your web app vision to life in a snap.

  • Drag-and-drop interface for easy app creation.
  • Customizable components for personalized apps.
  • Quick deployment to get your app live fast.
  • No coding required, making it accessible to everyone.

Powered by Material Design

Discover the art of exceptional app design with Material Design, Google’s renowned design framework.

  • Crafted by Google’s UX/UI experts.
  • Powers Google’s intuitive app interfaces.
  • Elevates user experience.
  • Fully integrated into Makyo.


A diverse collection of customizable UI components awaits you. Tailor each element to craft your perfect application interface.


Craft sophisticated action sequences with conditional logic. Unlock a world of possibilities for app behavior and user interactions.


Makyo has a vast library of over 170 functions you already know from Google Sheets and Excel. Makyo’s intuitive UI makes application a breeze, so you can focus on creating, not coding.


Save Time

Create web-based apps quickly without the lengthy development cycles. Simple, fast, effective.

Save Money

Bypass the developer costs. Makyo enables you, regardless of coding skills, to create powerful apps affordably on your own. True value in every project.